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Andreas Feo
Financial Modeling
  • Functionality and finesse
    I build functional, convenient, attractive financial models
  • Easy to use
    All models are simply understandable without any additional instructions
  • Quality
    Meet all bank requirements
  • Low cost
    I work alone without any assistants or secretary
What is financial modeling?
Financial model is a plan of all project cash flows calculated for several years ahead. The financial model considers all revenues, expenditures, taxes, sources, and financing conditions. The result shows all the financial and investment key indicators. Every single change of parameters affects the final result.
Difficult to build
– easy to manage
Years of experience
Financial models
Major projects
Financial model consists of 2 main sections
(using the Hotel financial model example)
1. Inputs
The calculation is based on the variable initial data inputs
(project budget, revenue data, fixed and variable costs, tax, etc.)
2. Outputs (the result)
2.1. Financial forecasting statements - balance sheet, profit and loss, cash flow, etc.
This spreadsheet has a control panel for easy analysis.
You can change scenarios, enable/disable profit centers, adjust the exchange rate, etc.
It shows instant results.
2.2. – Charts
2.3. – Investment attractiveness, sensitivity analysis, etc.
Every dashboard is customised
Build your individual financial model
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Reviews ❤️
  • When you work with Andreas, you get not just an Excel financial model but a whole range of expertise, advice, and support.
    Mary Doro
    External expert in business development,
    sales and project management
  • Over many years of experience working with Andreas, we developed complete trust and mutual understanding. Everything is accurate and on time. And this is extremely important when it comes to finances and investments.
    Alexander Vereshchagin
    Investment Director
  • Andreas built our company's financial model (production and delivery of semi-finished products) even before it was founded. And now he helps with management accounting as well. You are a full member of our team!
    Dimitri Habiah
    Product Manager
  • We worked on many projects with Andreas and continue working. He helped me to raise investments! And what makes me glad is that Andreas is always in touch, no matter what day of the week.
    Alex Prival
    Serial entrepreneur,
    founder of Unica
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Andreas Feo
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